“Almost Every Craft” by Akira Toriyama! – Day 3

So, the newly opened official website for Dragon Ball News recently shared that they were going to post almost every craft that Akira Toriyama has been involved with! This ranges from rare pictures from manga or rare character designs and even interviews. The catch? Their posts will only be online for 24 hours, after which they’ll be gone forever!

That’s why, here I am with the backup of their every post along with translations 🙂

Post date: Jan 17, 2018


For day 3 we have a special illustration from first “Dr. Slump Hoyoyo Card”.

Originally released on September 22, 1980 and distributed with Issue 40 of Weekly Shonen Jump 1980.

On the card itself is an interview between himself and Senbei Norimaki from Dr. Slump.

Usually I would translate this but today I’m sorta busy out travelling so instead I just grabbed the translation of someone from kanzenshuu.

Here’s the card in question with translation below

[ top left ] “Dr. Slump Hoyoyo Card Special No. 1: Senbei Norimaki”

Birthdate: Boxfish (January) 17, 1952 (Age 28)
Address: 1 Flying Squirrel, Penguin Village, Driving Beetle Island

[ right ] “This is the Doctor!!”
“We had him write it out himself”

HEAD: Smart! Genius! Well-mannered!

FACE: Super cute and handsome!!

ARM: Moves at terrific speed!

STOMACH: A tight, flat waist!

[ arrow pointing to crotch ] I have one…

LEGS: Sooo~ long!

HEIGHT: 175cm

WEIGHT: 80kg


TORIYAMA: Good mornafterevening!

DOCTOR: Oh, it’s you.

TORIYAMA: Er, now then, first off, are you single?

DOCTOR: I’ll deck you!!

TORIYAMA: Now, it’s been in question up to now, but what is your profession?


TORIYAMA: I’m asking what you do for a job.

DOCTOR: Oh. Uh… let’s see… what should I say?

TORIYAMA: Why are you asking me? Well, whatever. Let’s move on to your hobbies.

DOCTOR: [happily and frankly] Looking at dirty magazines!

TORIYAMA: … Oh, uh… I see…

DOCTOR: It’s the same as you!

TORIYAMA: W- w- well then, i- is there anything you’d like to say about the comic?

DOCTOR: You bet there is! Judging by the title “Dr. Slump”, I should be the main character, so why is it always Arale? And on top of that, even though I got my hair cut, you couldn’t be bothered to draw it, so–…

TORIYAMA: B- bye now!!


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