“Almost Every Craft” by Akira Toriyama! – Day 1

So, the newly opened official website for Dragon Ball News recently shared that they were going to post almost every craft that Akira Toriyama has been involved with! This ranges from rare pictures from manga or rare character designs and even interviews. The catch? Their posts will only be online for 24 hours, after which they’ll be gone forever!

That’s why, here I am with the backup of their every post along with translations 🙂

Post date: Jan 15, 2018


For day 1, we have a postcard sent to the members of “Akira Toriyama Preservation Club”, by the man himself.
“Akira Toriyama Preservation Club” is the official fan club of Akira Toriyama which ran from 1982-1987.

Originally sent in October 1984.

This postcard includes a message about “Dragon Ball” serializing, along with a precious FIRST EVER revealed picture of Bulma and Goku.

The message written on the card by Akira Toriyama reads, “I just finished sketches for the first release! The title of the manga is “Dragon Ball”, and it’s full of adventure and mystery! Please look forward to it”

The postcard:

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