Awesome list of Music you can use on your YouTube videos

Tired of getting your videos silent due to some copyrighted sh*t claim on YouTube?
Still want to use music on your videos without getting a strike on your channel?
You’ve come to the right place!
You can use ANY of the music from this playlist: Luigi Music – Sethioz Industries Entertainment
These are original music by Luigi Auriemma.

Add in description the following text and you will be good to go:

Music by Luigi Auriemma (
More music available here:

DO NOT steal the music and claim it to be your’s.
Stealing is a bad thing isn’t it?
Enjoy the awesome music!
Music by – Luigi
Playlist by – Sethioz, added on Sethioz Industries Entertainment channel
Blog post – Ken Xyro, posted after permission from Sethioz.

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