Brilliant scheme by Oculus VR

Now now I know the price tag of $600 (+Tax +Shipping outside US) is ridiculous but I just appreciate the good minds no matter what. I will NOT be buying Oculus Rift but I do appreciate the thinking of the people who decided this price point.


First of all, Oculus gathered years of support from all sorts of people by giving out an expected price which the majority can afford and would be willing to pay for even on a stretch – $350 – $400. This gave them the edge of keeping the masses interested and making all the alternatives who come in the market as competition – minimum. The only one who succeeded to enter the market at the same level was HTC Vive – thanks to Valve who had  a big community of gamers backing them.

Second of all, no company can survive and do it’s thing without the money but if Oculus really do care for even the middle-class people to have the rift, they have chosen the perfect price point for this moment. The early adopters and the people who can afford the $600 price point will give good amount of money to Oculus (They also need to recover $ for the Rift they will give away for FREE to those who supported them on kickstarter). After all this they will probably exclude the XBOX One Controller and the extras from the Rift and bring it’s price down to $450-500. Update – Seems like this won’t be happening:

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Some people might buy into the talk but I won’t. Comparing phones or TV to the Rift doesn’t make sense. Mobile phones can be categorized as a status symbol good which the Rift isn’t and so expensive phones are bought even though their cost of production is low. At most even for enthusiasts, Rift will take only 50% of your gaming time. For an average user this number will be much less.

If you think that keeping the price of Rift at $600 will mean no one will buy it, you are wrong. The Rift pre-orders was supposed to ship in March and already within hours of pre-orders going live, this was shifted to April – maybe because the orders were more than they expected so they need to produce more of them.

Me – I get bored easily and have no problem waiting so even though I can pay for the Rift right now, I will just wait for later as I’m in no rush. The DK2 made me motion sick and I can’t wait to hear what the reviews of early adopters say.

If you’re outside US I highly suggest you to stay away from the Rift right now. When I tried to go to cart and order the rift the total price in Finland came to about $800+ with shipping and tax. Outside the US the Rift is not recommended to get right now unless of course you are rich and don’t care.

-Xyro on meds out.

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