Update: Listening to early feedback, Crytek has decided to delay the game

The official YouTube channel for Crytek’s ground-breaking, critically acclaimed first person shooter game Crysis started a countdown which will premiere the gameplay trailer of the upcoming game Crysis Remastered.

Earlier in April it was officially confirmed that Crysis was getting a remaster. What was surprising however was that the is gaming to not just PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, but also Nintendo Switch – the game’s debut on a Nintendo platform. Since then the information about the game has been pretty dry. Currently, Crysis is scheduled to release in Summer 2020. There is no specific date yet but maybe in two days that will change.

The original Crysis game was released 12 years ago in 2007 and it is described as a first-person shooter video game developed by Crytek and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows and released in November 2007. It is the first game in the Crysis series. A separate game entitled Crysis Warhead was released in 2008, following similar events as Crysis but from a different narrative perspective. At the time Crysis was released, and years thereafter, it has been praised for its milestones in graphical design (commensurate with high hardware requirements).

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