Dragon Ball Super Episode 5 Bad Animations Explained

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If you’ve been up with Dragon Ball Super Anime, you’ve probably experienced the bad animations of Episode 5. People will often say that Toei doesn’t respect their series, one as big as Dragon Ball and end up doing bad animations for it.

I have worked as a professional animator in the past and with that knowledge I will give you all the possible reasons which might’ve caused things to go wrong with this episode. It’s been almost a year since that episode aired and until now, I didn’t watch it. Not even once. I only saw pictures / screenshots from that episode on the internet but it was clear to me what actually went wrong.

So, what went wrong?

Well, for one, you need to understand that for a long running series like Dragon Ball Super, One Piece etc., animations are done with a very solid deadline. Yes, Toei can hire better animators and they will surely give better results – but, not by much if they are limited on time. To hire better or more animators the company needs more profit – which they are not getting. Even if they did, the best of the best can only do so much if they are limited by time. The only way out of this is to either:

1) have more people working on the project, or

2) give more time to the current team.

They can’t get more people on the project because they simply cannot afford them, as for time, they can’t do that either as they have an absolute deadline to meet.

I hope this gives you an insight on how tough it is to be in the animation business.

Let’s show you an example of how much of a difference can time really make. This is the animation I did with absolutely no deadline:


Pretty cool?

Here’s one more. (Warning: Music is catchy :P)

These were all stuff I did pretty much for myself or without any deadline. Now, when I worked on this other thing, I had a deadline to meet. To make matters worse, there was no big team but rather just me (and 2 other people of their team), and what the final result was? Well you can see for yourself:

I had to recycle many things to cut corners, such as hands and had to rush other things too.

With this, I hope it gives you an insight on what actually went wrong with Dragon Ball Super episode 5. It was not Toei just half assing their big franchise but rather not having enough members of the team available or the deadline being too extreme to be able to meet while maintaining a quality standard for the animations.

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  1. Wow, what a great Gohan, you are very talented Ken, i would like to see more work of yours especially DB, thanks!

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