Drunktards of Dragon Ball Super (12 Gods of Destruction Names)

Earlier yonkou productions on twitter released a japanese panel of Dragon Ball Super which has details of all the 12 Gods of Destruction!

Well naturally I translated it and here you go, all 12 Gods along with which universe they belong to:

As you might know, every God is named after some sort of alcoholic beverage. Here are the alcohols as well:

Ivan: A russian vodka by the same name or a play on “Wine”
Jerez: A play on “Sherry”
Moscow: Probably the cocktail made of vodka, referred to as Moscow Mule
Quitela: Tequila
Arak: Levantine alcoholic spirit in the anis drinks family. Usually referred to as Arak or Araq
Champa: Champagne
Beerus: Beer
Liqueur: Alcoholic beverage of the same name
Sidra: Cider
Rumush: Rum
Vermouth: Wine of the same name
Gin: Famous alcoholic beverage of the same name

Other than this, I’m also making some sorts of mobile wallpapers / artworks of the Gods of Destruction right now. Two of them are below:

I will post more as I’m done with them, on my twitter: Twitter.com/KenXyro

Enjoy ;o

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