Golden Joystick Awards 2015 [ List of Winners and Runner Ups ]

Gamer4LifeIf you missed it here are the winners of Golden Joystick Awards 2015.

Best new IP

Runner up – Life Is Strange

Best Story Telling

The Witcher 3
Runner up – Life Is Strange

Best Visual Design

The Witcher 3
Runner up: Dragon Age Inquisition
#3 Ori and the blind forest

Best Audio

Ori and the Blind forest
Runner Up: Life Is Strange (AGAIN)

Best Multiplayer

GTA Online
Runner Up: Heroes of the storm

Best Indie Game

Kerbal Space Program
Runner Up: Everybody’s gone to the rapture

Most played award

No Runner Up.

Best Gaming Moment

The Witcher 3 – The Bloody Baron Quest
Runner Up: Crossing the bridge in Dying Light
#3: Life Is Strange – Saving Kate in Episode 2

Best Gaming personality

Runner Up: Sean Pott

ESports Icon

Counter Strike Global Offensive
Runner Up: Dota 2

Studio of the year

CD Project Red
Runner Up: Blizzard

Innovation of the year

GTA 5 FPS Mode
Runner Up: 3D Head tracking in Nintendo DS

Best Gaming Platform

Runner Up: PS4

Best Gaming Performance

Life Is Strange ( Ashly Burch for Chloe)
Runner Up: Batman Arkham Knight (Mark as The Joker)

Best Playstation Game

Runner Up: Until Dawn

Best Xbox Game

Ori and The Blind Forest
Runner Up: Halo Master Chief Collection

Best Nintendo Game

Runner Up: Legend Of Zelda Majoris Mask

Best PC Game

Grand Theft Auto 5
Runner Up: Cities Skylines

Breakthrough of the year

Sam Barlow (Her Story)
Runner Up: Coldwood Interactive (Unravel)

Critics Choice Award

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
Runner Up: Witcher 3

Most Wanted Game Of The Year

Fallout 4
Runner Up: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Ultimate Game Of The Year:

The Witcher 3
Runner Up: Batman Arkham Knight
#3: Life Is Strange


My view:

Yes I hear you, Life Is Strange was so close in many. I am myself a LIS fan. Know that the votings closed before Episode 5 of LIS came out. Many people (35% from the poll I made on fb) played the game after Episode 5 came out to play them all at the same time. Even so LIS did great.

I expected Metal Gear Solid to show up a bit more but it didn’t so that was a surprise.

Ultimate Game Of The Year #2 spot: Batman Arkham Knight. I don’t think it deserves the #2 spot. My personal opinion but GTA 5 could be there in it’s place. The Witcher 3 definitely deserves to be in the top 3 there and so does Life Is Strange.

Favourite lines from Danny Wallace during the event:

“Assassin’s Creed Syndicate came out last week. Just in time for Unity to start working properly.”

“The biggest villain in Batman Arkham Knight this year was definitely the performance of the game.”

LIS Fans on chat:


Hope you enjoyed the event, I’ll see you next time. – Ken Xyro

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