Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) – What to do when Self Radio doesn’t work

Grand Theft Auto V came out for PC this week and I’ve been enjoying it alot in it’s full glory. I didn’t think any GTA Series would come to the level of GTA San Andreas in my case but this one comes close. I’ve been enjoying it alot except for the music on radio stations. I really don’t like any of them in GTA 5.

Because of this I decided to use my own music (GTA SA Stations) in “Self Radio” mode. I tried that only to find out that it wasn’t working. After an hour or two of trying things around I got it to work. There are a few things you need to make sure which I will be covering.

First, get your music files ready – I simply went to YouTube and downloaded the whole K-Rose station from GTA San Andreas as it was my favourite. If you want the same you can get it by clicking HERE otherwise you can simply search for any other station or use your own music.
I used to get the 45 minute long K-Rose in a track of .mp3.

Second, after you get your music, copy it in your User Music folder located in: C:\Users\Username\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Music

NOW the important part. Sometimes this much is enough to get your music detected in the game but other times it’s not. So the two things you need to check are:

  • Name of the music: No special characters are allowed. Make sure the music file names is simple using only letters A-Z and no special characters such as – . , etc.
  • Number of music: For some reason my music wasn’t getting detected in the game still and I found out that you need at least 6 music files in your folder for it to get detected. This was a problem for me since I had the whole K-Rose in 1 single file so what I did was, created a shortcut to K-Rose and copied it 6-8 times in the same folder so it looks like the following:

gta 5 userAfter this simply go in the Settings > Audio of the game and do a scan for music and your Self Radio will appear.


Enjoy the goodness of K-Rose in Grand Theft Auto V !

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  1. thx, works for me just deleting the special characters!

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