How I found my friend’s tumblr among those millions or billions of blogs.

A friend of mine (whose name I won’t say but lets call her Rose, Roses are good), recently deleted her tumblr and made a new one for some reason. She said that so no one can find the new one but I had to disagree.  So she told me to find it as a challenge. For starters the only info I had was that she was using the same theme as the old one, and it was a new blog. The URL was totally unrelated to her name or anything at all, email was different as well. The URL was actually a sentence similar to:

So how did I find it? Easy. Well not really really easy, but easy.

1. Looked through famous posts of the TV Shows which she liked.

2. Checked through the reblogs of them one by one and checked the blogs which have reblogged the posts.

3. I went to and checked when was the first blog post made on the blog, since it was a new blog the first post has to be made during the same month (January 2014).

After this it was just a matter of narrowing down the blogs and reading through the posts according to her personality and figuring out which one belonged to her.It took me couple of hours to get it all done.

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See you next time. 🙂

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