How To Pick Up Girls ANYWHERE

It seems quite a few people has been reading my How To Pick Up Girls At The Gym post. So to follow up on that bullshit I present you How To Pick Up Girls ANYWHERE!

Considering you have 0 confidence and thus you want to learn the art, here’s what everyone will tell you that you need in order to pick up girls: CONFIDENCE. Don’t listen to everyone, listen to me. Saying that you need confidence isn’t really gonna help most of you because you’re not gonna do things the right way by trying to get more confident. The trick to true confidence is not trying so if you’re trying you’re already failing. What you actually need is: TO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

And here is how you actually achieve that: Do 100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 sit-ups and 10KM running Go out to the mall or the market or any place full of people EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ask people questions even if you don’t really care for an answer such as – What’s the best coffee place around here? What’s the time? Do you like my shirt?

Once you’ve get that done start to actually ask girls their numbers. Get rejected. That’s what I did a 100 times to stop giving a fuck and in the process got plenty interesting girls to know as well.

You got her number, which is not a big deal by the way because if she still thinks you’re a loser, there’s nothing to do with that number. How I think the deal is after you get their number is that the more you talk to someone the more boring things get, unless ofcourse they are instantly physically attracted to you. Then they gonna keep talking to you for long and long with the hopes of getting some action. This is the reason I usually just straight forward get to the point after a few minutes of texting / talking. Ask yourself, what do you actually want from the person whose number you got? Sex? Tell them. Wanna get to know them more? Tell them. If it’s the first, which most of the time it is – good if they say yes. If they say no, NEXT.

I don’t know why or for whatever reason you might be under the illusion that girls are anti-sex. They are not, they enjoy it as much as anyone and being straightforward is what I consider to be the best thing to do. If you’re too scared just close your eyes and say it or just text it dammit. Here are few examples showing that this shit actually works:



I don’t really like the idea that “if you can make her laugh, she likes you”. You’re a guy, not a joker, or in this case a sex toy:


Remember that I said you need to get rejected so many times that you start to not give a fuck so ofcourse things like this will happen as well:


Now with that out of the way I say you go out right now or text that girl you’ve been wanting to for a long time.

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