Japanese Lesson 1 – Learn in 10 minutes!

These Japanese lessons are for people who know absolutely nothing about the language. I will pretty much spoon feed you everything so this is gonna be one of the most easy way for you to learn.

I am only going to ask you to give me just 10-15 minutes of your time per day, so if you can do that for me, I’ll give you all I know about Japanese.

Okay let’s start.

Step 1)

Close your room door, turn the music off, close those facebook and pornhub tabs you might have open. I don’t want you to get distracted in this 10 minute window.

Step 2)

Get a paper and pen ready.

Step 3)

Okay so let’s start with 5 basic hiragana characters and the sounds they make. You only have to read for now, I’ll tell you what you need to write and when you need to write but for now just read:

a – あ

Open Google Translate in a different tab (trust me it will be useful here) and copy the character in it. Then press the “Listen” button.


Follow this drill to know the correct pronunciation of every character. Of course I will tell you as well but Google Translate will just give you an extra something.

Ok, so a – あ – pronounced “Ah”


i – い – pronounced like “e” in “Eat” | Again, use google translate to hear it for yourself.

u – う – pronounced like “oo” in “moon” | You know what to do with Google translate. For me it’s making a “Ughh” sound but I say this character as “oo” because of my accent.

e – え – pronounced like “A” when you say A B C D | Use Google Translate

o – お – pronounced like “oh” | Google Translate

Okay, these are the only character we’ll do in lesson 1. So now we have:

a, i, u, e, o.

Step 4)

Now use your mouth and say out loud: ah, e, oo, A, oh.

Say this for 2 minutes to get the hang of the pronunciation. This might mess up your accent in some time but don’t worry, you’ll end up with a sexy accent like mine.

Step 5)

Now get your phone ready. I want you to start a stopwatch in it and set it for exactly 10 minutes. When done, get your pen and paper ready as well.

Step 6)

Start writing on the paper exactly like this:

あ – い – う – え – お
a – i – u – e – o

I want you to write ONE character and then write the english alphabet below it’s character. Then move on to the next character. While doing this, I also want you to pronounce every character. So basically write the characters one by one and their english alphabet while saying how they are pronounced.

Continue doing this for 10 minutes / till the stopwatch on your phone hits 0. If you get interrupted in the middle of doing this for any reason, start the 10 minute clock again.

Step 7)

Exactly 1 hour after you’ve done Step 6, try to write the characters and pronounce them without looking at this tutorial. If you’re not able to do it, do the 10 minute drill again the next day or whenever you’re free till you are able to perfectly write all 5 characters as well as pronounce them without any help.

You can move to Lesson 2 once you are able to write all the characters and pronounce them without any help from this tutorial.

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