Life Is Strange – The only review you need to read for the only game you need to play

Every year we get a bunch of games likes ASS Creed, Call of Booty but then rarely, there comes a game which slaps the shit out of the rest. You watch yourself slowly get obsessed with it and before you know it, the rest of the games feels like a total shit for the money you paid for them.

Life Is Strange is that one game this year. After this game if you’re a game developer thinking of charging $60 for your game which involves stalking some NPC for half a day or shooting at NPC’s because they are shooting at us too, then you should just go bury yourself under your blanket in bed and cry in shame.

This review is spoiler free, so go ahead and continue reading it even if you haven’t played the game coz you’ll be playing it after you are done reading.


I almost gave up on gaming because of so much shit that’s been around. The last time I actually got lost in a game world was Skyrim which was 4 years ago. I got a damn gaming PC only to play Skyrim in it’s full glory only to find out that most games which came out after that were just not as good.

Ok ok The Witcher 3 this year was awesome but it didn’t do much either for me. I enjoyed GTA 5 on all platforms and it was awesome but still nothing that actually put me in the shoes of the characters. So to say I enjoyed those games a lot but nothing to give them a place in my heart like Skyrim. I was almost to the point that gaming started feeling boring to me but then DAMN GAME LIFE IS STRANGE HAPPENED.

I had not heard of the game, one day just randomly looking through YouTube I came across a video titled I CAN TIME TRAVEL! (Life Is Strange – Episode 1 FULL Gameplay). I checked out bits of it and I was like, okay, cool, I like time travel and you can rewind time in this game to change your choices. I’ll give this game a try when all episodes are out. Now that happened on October 20, 2015.
I finished the whole game in 2 days. DUDE. I am a busy person, I sometimes don’t get time to even eat my food but I finished the damn game in 2 days! I started it and expected it to be an average game like The Walking Dead by Telltale. 10 minutes in and I heard this fucking song and I realized this is isn’t some tiny little boo boo choice of music like TWD(The Walking Dead). This is some serious shit. Okay then moving on I play the game further and it only gets better and better. By the end of episode 2 I realized this game didn’t have the shit choices like in TWD. There you used to get a choice such as “Save this nerd” OR “Save this hot girl”, in Life Is Strange you don’t get the fucking choice of who you wanna save. You get the choice of what you wanna do and say and depending on that the result will be whether you are able to save a person or no. Now that’s good, I actually have to think of what’s coming out of my mouth and what I’m doing if I want to save a certain person. Oh and did I mention that the things you can say changes too depending on what you really know. You could be showing no affection to guys and if you do, you might not get an option to kiss a guy at all later in the game coz of your gay behaviour (Which is all good by the way, I like the girl on girl action in Chloe’s words).

So far Episode 1 had me like 😀

and Episode 2 like O_O

and Episode 3 like :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Come the Episode 4 and I was dead inside because I wasn’t sure if the choices I made were actually good or no.

The end of Episode 5 was so intense and had such difficult choice that I just couldn’t choose with my eyes open. I ended up closing my eyes, looking down and then slowly moved my mouse to the choice on the left. It’s been a week now since then and I am still, STILL not over the story of the game. I end up spending atleast some time of my day to go on YouTube and look at other people react to various moments of the game. I listen to the soundtracks of the game every single day and you will too once you finish the game!

What’s more? The game only costs $20! Compared to the games with a giant budget like Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (which is just a AC Unity version 2 by the way), Life Is Strange gives you so much more.

So there it is. If you haven’t played the game yet go play it now!

Rating of the game:


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