Rank up already, you scrub

I’ve never played counter strike source or 1.6 and I only just started playing global offensive, a few months back. With all that in mind I thought it would be good if I tought ya a thing or two about the game!

There’s tons of youtubers and Global Elites who can give you tons of good advice on how to get better at the game, but you don’t want that. You want to listen my advice instead, who has a GN3 (Gold Noob 3) rank. So, here I go:

FIRST – Expensive shit, does NOT matter.
I’ve played the game with the most expensive shit you can think about – The most expensive mouse, the most expensive mousepad, the most “recommended by pros” mouse and mousepad, and I tell you, it doesn’t make jack shit difference. Okay maybe in high level plays it does make a little difference, but, if you’re a Silver or a Gold Nova or somethin’, chances are that you’re just not playing the game right. I’ve played with a $500 mouse with a $100 mouse pad and I’ve played with a $5 mouse on a dumb table with no mousepad, without feeling much of a difference in my play. So keep the expensive shit as your last priority.

SECOND – Play smart.
This is THE MOST important thing ya need to keep in mind while playing the game. If you just go – wait for other team to show up – shoot, chances are that the only thing getting better, is your aim. You don’t just need a better aim to get better at the game but you need a better game sense too. Now the question arises, HOW DO YA PLAY FUCKIN’ SMART? Easy. Search on youtube for the smoke, flash, nade spots of all the maps you play. Practice them. The perfect flashes at the perfect time can help you kill an entire team by yourself if you do everything right!
Other than that, keep a close eye (ear?) on the footsteps you hear and keep guessing the next move of the enemy team. Keep your crosshair in position where you think the enemy will pop up, even while you’re walking or running and always go for headshots!

THIRD – Don’t rely on luck.
My first rank I got in the game was Silver Elite Master and boy did I rely on luck back then. I just walked right ahead in A-short on Dust 2 without any info on whether the T team is there or no. I just walked right in hoping theres no one there so I can sneak up behind them on A-Long. This is the most shitty tactic to follow and though at times it will get you results, in the long run they won’t help you at all. You’ll get all happy during the 20% times luck works and forget the other 80% times it doesn’t. Check the video below and differentiate “luck” from “skills”.

FOURTH – Watch the pro plays.
I cannot stress this enough. Watching the matches of pro CS:GO players playing a full match is one of the best ways to learn the ways of playing. While watching, try and think why are the players doing what they are doing. When you have an answer to that, you’ll automatically apply that to your plays and your enemies will get rekt in front of you.

The last thing I wanna say is that I didn’t proof read this post or anythin’. So, if there’s typos, excuse me for them bruh.

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