Some time ago it was revealed that Resident Evil 4 is getting a Remake. Now today we have some more information thanks to Dusk Golem who has in the past leaked correct information about Resident Evil franchise including the recently announced Resident Evil Village.

According to him, the story of Resident Evil 4 will be expanded in the Remake. One example of such expansion is details about Dr. Salvador which you might remember as the “Chainsaw guy” in the game.

It’s interesting to know that the story is getting expanded because it gives players like me who’s played RE4 tens of times even more incentive to play the Remake and make it more enjoyable. However the thing I find even more intriguing is what the development team could achieve with this game on next-gen. This Remake is not arriving any time soon, the latest it could arrive in would be the year 2022 and it is most definitely going to be a next-gen only game. This opens the room for the developers to go crazy and not be limited by current gen consoles.

Keeping that in mind, I do wonder how much essence of the original is going to remain in this Remake. Regardless, it is definitely turning out to be an interesting Remake which might possibly even match up to the original in terms of quality.

By Ken Xyro

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