Gameplay in The Last of Us 2 improves upon everything the first game set up. Sneaking from zombies is better than ever, crafting is much smoother and hand-to-hand combat is more fun than you could ask for. There are lots of improvements but there is very little additions to what the first game already had. Playing as different characters in the game isn’t necessarily something that affects the gameplay. They all move the same and pretty much have the same attacks.
The game does give you what you’d expect in terms of gameplay though, there might not be a lot of new gameplay elements but everything they do have really says “The Last of Us”.


Nothing short of breathtaking. Jungle and some other areas in the game look so good, it only makes me wonder how good it will look on next-gen. The environments in the game change from snow fields to lush lonely forests to occupied towns, all of these simply look amazing. Naughty Dog is always pushing their games in terms of visual and The Last of Us 2 is yet another step-up.


By Ken Xyro

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