What happens when you reach the Sun in Darkstar One

Darkstar One is a space game launched in 2006. Despite being old, it’s gorgeous and has 300 star systems.

When I was new to the game, I was very curious about certain things, such as – What happens when you go close to a planet or a moon? What’s the rings of Saturn made of? etc.

But the biggest question out of these was – What happens when you get close to the Sun? It’s so far away that it would take forever to reach it!

So here’s me who did the impossible (not really).

I chose our own Sol system for this experiment:


Now, the way the game works is, there are 2 types of “planets” in the game.

One: Hollow on the inside and atmosphere on the outside – so if you get close to them, the ship will start burning up.
Two: Solid on the inside and no atmosphere on the outside. You can get as close to them as possible till you hit the ground and get your ship wrecked. Moon is an example of the 2nd type.

To reach the Sun, I hacked the game and increased my afterburner power by 100, so, instead of 100% speed, I got 10,000% speed and was able to move much, much faster. Secondly, I hacked the game to make my ship invincible so that it doesn’t get destroyed when I reach too close.

Sun is around 1700units away from the trade station near Earth and I assume it’s the same for every other system as well. Here’s what Sun looks from up close:

DarkStarOne 2016-05-04 03-57-11-93

Sun is a combination of the two types of “Planets” I explained earlier. It is designed to look like a ball of light and is solid + it also has an atmosphere. When you get closer, Eona / Ship computer warns you by saying, “If we get any closer to the PLANET, we’ll burn up.”

So basically, the Sun is treated like just another planet by the game. But, it’s so far located that if you look back, Earth and the rest of the planets are not even visible at this point anymore:

DarkStarOne 2016-05-04 03-57-25-87

I saved the game after reaching this point, if you want the saved game file, drop a comment and I’ll add it.

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