What the HELL is a simulcast? How to watch DBS now?

I was quite surprised that many people didn’t know what a simulcast is so here I am to explain to you and tell you HOW and WHERE to watch Dragon Ball Super, Episode 63 onwards.

So, when an Anime comes out in Japan, it doesn’t necessarily comes to other countries. This is basically what happened for Dragon Ball Super from Episode 1-62. When this happens, some fans (who undersand Japanese) translate what happened in the episode for everyone else. From these translations, subtitles are made and used by fans. All this process of making the subtitles takes hours or days to finish, and fans watch the episode through unfair means (pirate sites) or by buying the DVDs from Japan and using the fan subtitles with those.

On the other hand, a simulcast is when the Anime is brought to countries outside of Japan. In this case, the companies who have access to the episodes, makes the subtitles and keeps them ready before the episode even airs in Japan. So, as soon as the episode finishes airing in Japan, it can be shown in other countries with subs. This process allows you to watch the Subbed version of the anime, without waiting hours or days for it. Usually you only have to wait about 30 minutes after it finishes airing in Japan to watch it subbed! How cool is that?!

Now, where to watch the simulcast?

If you’re in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or a few European countries, you can watch the simulcasts on Crunchyroll, Daisuki or AnimeLab. Dragon Ball Super is getting the simulcast for these countries only. If you’re in a country not mentioned above, I guess you’ll just be┬ásticking to your old ways.

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  1. Do you need premium crunchyroll to watch the simulcast or can you watch it with a basic account and ads?

    • The first episode was available for free for all users. I’m not sure if that’ll be the case for the rest of them as well.

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